Patient Testimonials

testimonialsTestimonials from patients throughout the Venice and Englewood area that wanted to share their experience when visiting one of our offices.

Super Satisfied Customer” for Provision Laser Eye Center…that’s me. I was fortunate to receive the new Tecnis Multi Focal lens implants recently. Words cannot express just how happy I am. The week prior I needed my bifocals and a magnifying glass to read the dictionary. Night driving was difficult for me. Day driving was another story. My distance vision was double and very fuzzy and no clear mid vision.

The day after the first surgery, I was reading the same dictionary without the use of glasses or the magnifier. I could see numbers on my digital clock clearly again. And so much more.

Words cannot express just how happy I am with my new eyes. The clarity and brightness of colors and objects is amazing. It is truly a new lease on life.

Cheryl M.
Venice, FL

A simple “Thank You” does not adequately describe my feelings for Dr. Durrett, Dr. Daddario, and all the assistants in both offices of Provision Laser Eye Center- but I do say it again, thank you Dr. Durrett for my precious sight. Little things like colors from the sunshine on a drop of dew on a leaf are such a blessing.

Margaret H.
Venice, FL

Let me begin by saying I have worn contacts for more than two thirds of my life starting in high school. It was a blessing for me to develop the beginning of cataracts because it gave me a reason to have this surgery. If you are hesitant because of the procedure, please don’t be. All the people are wonderful and the surgery’s a snap.

I want to thank Dr. Durrett, Dr. Daddario, and all the staff in the office. I have to say it was an easy and rewarding experience.
What a gift.

Many thanks,
Margo E.